Interview with Jospeh H Wehbe

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Jospeh H Wehbe

Joseph H Wehbe Story

At 19 years old I witnessed family struggle and decided to do something about it. I decided to go against my heart and passion and to learn the trade my father had used to keep us happy and healthy.

The trade he had suffered in and endured hardship every day. The phone wouldn’t stop, the noise and chaotic arguments. I somehow thought this would be easy. So I decided to complete my apprenticeship with him.

What a reality shock from school life. I then decided to take over and save the business from drowning. Builders owed us tonnes of hard earned money. They left us in the trenches. We weren’t sure if we were going to survive the next week financially. We were living an extremely tail chasing life. I was a young man sheltered by the courage of my Fathers pride and love before taking over the business .Until one day I grew the confidence to tackle the beast of the business world. I became a warrior and worked around the clock with my body and mind. I was responsible for every aspect in the business until I studied and leaned on the wisdom and success of others for growth. I became open minded after asking the question, how did they do it?

We successfully turned the business around and bought four new vehicles. The bank balance was finally in the black and additionally, my father and I drew a healthy wage for the next four and a half years! For the first time in my life, I had certainty and it felt great! On top of that, I had made a tremendous change to my fathers life and that pleased me more than the money! Through hard work , continual study and being mindful of other people’s needs I have learned how to become an extroverted success in the business world and in life.

I still have partners in the construction industry carrying the legacy and am now heavily active through public relations ,lending, property & development sites.

I have an amazing network of friends and mentors that are continually introducing exciting opportunities that I try to leverage with others wherever possible.

I’m also very engaged in giving back to the next generation (the future of this world) through mentoring and speaking.

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