Interview with Joseph Linco

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Joseph Linco

Joseph Linco, Principal of Concise Finance, is a much sought after national speaker at Investment Property seminars throughout Australia. He regularly facilitates seminars in the NT, Qld, NSW, ACT and Victoria.Concise Finance was established to help clients make informed decisions so that they can secure their financial independence.

“Our goal is to fully understand your current financial position and then to create a plan and strategy that you can understand and one that will help you to reach your goals”

Concise Finance is about offering tailored, quality advice to our clients.

Creating and protecting your wealth is not necessarily achieved by chasing the highest return, which too often ends in heartache. True wealth creation needs to be based on ensuring that you have clear and up-to-date set of financial objectives that fully reflect your circumstances. Our Finance Managers will fully engage with you, and by utilising the expertise of our team at Concise Finance we can then help you make a significant difference to your wealth creation plans.

If you are looking to better manage your finances or to grow a property portfolio for wealth creation purposes let us show you how by using our proven loan structures and risk minimizing strategies.

At Concise Finance our ethos is to get it right the first time, so if you would like someone with experience in Home and Investment Property loans to assess your situation and take all the stress out of financing your next property purchase then contact Joseph Linco on 1300 978 357

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