Interview with David Lindsay – Part 1

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with David Lindsay - Part 1

About David Lindsay:

David is a Sydneysider that has been obsessed with helping people improve their athletic performance and raise their vitality for over 15 years.

David loves taking things to extremes by pushing his body to its limits. He has played Rugby League for the lower grades in South Sydney before suffering two knee reconstructions that ended his football career.

His competitive nature motivated him to keep participating in sports. Arm Wrestling was his next calling. However, his life went into a tailspin when he broke his arm just before a professional Arm Wrestling competition in the USA which left his arm paralysed for 4 months and threatened his career as a coach and trainer.

This didn’t dampen his enthusiasm and vitality for life. He took to martial arts and received his black belt in Wing Chun, purple belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and resumed his sporting career as a cage fighter.

David uses the skills he’s developed over years and years of trials and tribulations to develop his 5 steps towards improved vitality. SNAP, NAP, TAP, CLAP and RECAP.

David takes his influential and dynamic approach from the sporting world to the business world. He raises team vitality, creating a mindset shift from ‘boss’ to ‘coach’ that turbo charges team vitality.

He has spoken at The Juniors Group of Clubs, NSW Parliament, NRL, Kings Financial Group, Polo Debt Collectors and many more.

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