Interview with Dave Clare – Part One

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Dave Clare - Part One

For twenty-five years or more Dave has worked with small business owners and leaders to productively transform their lives and businesses to evolve to stay relevant in the heart and minds of the people they serve.

As the CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership, he is also the Ambassador (Pacific Region) for the Global Company Culture Association, an organization that is dedicated to driving an evolution at work, and an Ambassador for Smile Koomba.

Dave has successfully synthesized his practical experience in the corporate, public sector and NFP leadership roles with running his own business internationally.

This has helped him develop a proven online, transparent framework to develop and execute an aligned strategy to enable businesses to become radically client-centric.He is a trained facilitator with two international organizations, and a qualified mentor with the WAPOL, Next Level Mentoring, and Inspiring Rare Birds programs for female leaders in Australia.Often a sought-after speaker and MC, Dave is also a published author of SIMPLIFIED, a Co-author of PANDEMIC PLAYBOOK and the WOMEN LEADING. MORE. NOW (Bestseller).

He is currently working on his next book, Become A Coach, Not A Boss.Dave is the creator of the Leadership Framework©, the Circle of Organizational Leadership™, the Business Evolution Roadmap™, NEXT90™ Business Evolution System, and the host of the Evolution of Business Show podcast. A mad golfer that loves to dance and sing Elvis at Karaoke…Luckily Dave is very good at what he does so we don’t have to worry about him making a living doing any of these other things.

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