Interview with Daniel Tolson

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Daniel Tolson

Daniel Tolson Bio

Daniel Tolson has served as consultants to more than 6,100 companies and individuals throughout Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, and both North and South America.

As business influencers, they impact millions of people each year.

Daniel is considered the world’s Number One business coach specialising in emotional intelligence, with over 1,350 case studies into emotional intelligence in the past three years alone.

He has written and produced more than 250 audio and video learning programs, which have influenced business owners all around the world.

Prior to founding their company, The Tolson Institute, Daniel was a leader of 17,000 cabin crew for Emirates Airlines. He has had successful careers in real estate sales and marketing, Pawnbroking, Second Hand Dealing, a former Australian Champion Wakeboarder and eXtreme Games Competitor.

He has conducted high-level consulting assignments with many billion-dollar plus corporations in emotional intelligence and business model innovation.

Daniel has travelled and worked in over 100 countries on six continents and lives in both Taiwan and Australia.

He is happily married with two children.

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