Interview with Catherine Nixon – Part Two

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Catherine Nixon - Part Two


Catharine Nixon is a healthcare professional, with 25+ years healthcare experience. She is the co-founder of the Vitamin C Blog, creating relatable health content for the consumer to Inform, Connect and Empower people in their health journeys.

Her journey in the healthcare industry is more unique than most because it started at the age of 15 years where she worked as an assistant in nursing in an aged care facility for 6 years during her final years at school and during her bachelor of nursing studies.

She attributes her highly empathetic and engaged style today to this early start and notes, she was not that much older than her eldest son today who is 11 years. She still cannot quite believe she was given the responsibility of caring for a human being before getting her ‘L’ plates to drive!

Her registered nurse qualifications took her to London in 2002 where she spent the next 9 years living and working as well as making the switch to commercial healthcare.

But before the switch she learnt the meaning of agility. Constantly thrown in the deep end as an agency nurse tested her abilities to work in any hospital, any ward and with new teams almost every day plus survive the standard 13hour shifts.

She managed to land stability as an agency nurse for 12 months working at the world renowned Royal Brompton Hospital in cardio-thoracics before switching to commercial healthcare, delivering healthcare without the shift work!

She joined the ResMed UK team, a global MedTech company, and established their first satellite sleep apnea clinic in London.
Once again back on the treadmill embracing agility she became project manager for the construction of the clinic, was on crash course learning about sleep health, the condition sleep apnea, how on earth the ‘gold standard’ treatment ‘CPAP’ worked, alongside becoming a ResMed product specialist ninja.

In 2010 Catharine made the decision to return to Australia with her husband Ben and their 1 year son, Harrison, to be closer to the family.
Returning to Sydney, her journey in sleep continued joining a new business called, ResSleep. A business that over the next 5 years grew to became one of Australia’s largest diagnostic and treatment providers of sleep apnea before being purchased by ResMed.

Catharine was the National Operations Manager, became a franchisee and owner of 2 clinics and continued in this capacity following acquisition of the business by ResMed.

In 2018 a wellness formula came across her path which ignited her curiosity for learning more about gut health and the role of nutraceuticals in health.

Like a key turning on the ignition to an engine this was the kicker that started a new health journey for Catharine that today has seen her launch the Vitamin C blog and its’ new digital e-health
products for consumers, soon to be health education webinars driving the much needed preventative public health education, alongside health advisory work for healthcare companies.

Catharine’s expertise in consumer sleep health has recently drawn her back to the world of sleep to work with a new product entering the Australian market, called Snoozeal.

She is very excited by the possibilities and hope that this product has for snorers and those suffering with mild sleep apnea.

Catharine lives in Sydney with her husband and 2 adventurous boys!
She is an absolute advocate for consumers and their journey in health. She understands how hard it can be to find and gain health.

She intertwines her career experience and personal health journey to effectively help people in health. She shares her story openly in a special series published on the Vitamin C blog, called ‘How my Dietitian Saved My Life’.

She is authentic, speaks with passion and genuinely cares about people and their outcomes.

Catharine’s ‘Big Mission’ is to impact the rise of chronic disease through driving preventative health education and helping people better connect with health professionals.

You will hear her frequently use the words:
Health begins with what you know, then what you understand and who you connect with

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