Interview with Catherine Lyell

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Catherine Lyell

About: Catherine Lyell

Catherine is men’s health & porn addiction specialist“I started Integrated Men’s Health 5 years ago because my purpose and mission was to educate men on how they can live their lives at a much higher level than they ever thought possible!I’ve been in the business for over 15 years now, and I’ve never seen any group of people (men, women, or children) react to these treatments and commit to their own healing like I’ve seen men do.

So much so, that they fly in from interstate just to work with me. I’m leaving a legacy of evolved and conscious men, by creating a new path of growth and sexual connection. Healing by touch and energetic medicine, clearing blockages and facilitating a new direction forward, providing them with skills and tools that they can take back into their lives and implement.I’ll help you quit porn for good and connect to your own body and to the feminine.

My treatments and coaching programs will see you completely overhaul all areas of your life, correcting erectile dysfunction, improving sex drive, increasing energy, teaching you how to master sexual energy, and most importantly – healing the neural damage (and mental health issues) caused by pornography.

The work I’m doing is new, it’s complex, and it’s unbelievably profound. I treat each client holistically; treating the person, not the symptoms. Treatment and education is delivered in a very masculine-friendly environment, offering a feminine and nurturing approach.We are shaping the future, paving the way for future generations by healing the fathers and sons. My programs are intuitive and successful, and my incredible healing systems address all levels and dimensions of your being.

We do that through Kinesiology, Chiron Healing, Intuitive Healing, Psychospiritual Therapy, Tantric Healing, Integrated Massage Therapy, Trascendental Energy Healing, Lomi Lomi Bodywork, Kundalini Activation, Andromedan Sacred Geometry, Couples Therapy, Soul Integration, Brain Integration, DNA & Sacred Ancestral Clearing, and Transformational Coaching.It’s a mess out there. Imagine a place where men could have their person pampered and healed – without question or judgement. Lets get talking and get this “underground” issue out in the open! I know how difficult this is for you, and I know how destructive porn and erectile dysfunction is in any man’s life. My heart is open as I hold space for you to heal. The possibilities are limitless, they really are.” ~ Catherine

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