Interview with Annette Parker

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Annette Parker

Annette Parker Bio:

My name is Annette Parker and I am a wellbeing coach, networker, and small business owner at Believe This Dream.

My journey into Personal Development started very young. My early years were quite traumatic so as a young adult I sought relief from mental health issues, however, I didn’t progress quite how I wanted to, and the roadblocks were constant.

At 22 years of age my journey of healing began when I saw a motivational and visualisation book on the coffee table. Since then I’ve read hundreds of motivational books, listened to great speakers, landed some great jobs, and found personal transformation healed me in many areas of my life. Last year, I found the most amazing community of like-minded people and it has transformed my life. It’s a completely different way of doing business online and the most empowering experience I’ve had in my half a decade so far.

My passion is to help others achieve. I wanted to coach, but I also wanted to be able to help people who were blocked due to attachment issues or trauma in early childhood, so I completed many courses related to the potential of the human mind and eventually gained a degree in Human Services and Counselling.

I coach clients according to their needs. To help them keep a balanced emotional state. To use their own ‘knowing’ to propel them forward and lose the doubt.

They are always in the driver’s seat. I use my life experience, my positive psychology research and the content from my Master of Destiny program to add value to the client/coach experience and to drill down into a person’s WHY!

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