Interview with Annabelle Van den Hout

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Annabelle Van den Hout

Would you like how future looks like for you? Well we don’t have time machine in studio but certainly we will interview truly unique entrepreneur Annabelle Van den Hout.

Why Annabelle is unique? She is assisting many people around the globe by applying tarot reading and healing methods.

Does tarot cards readings truly can predict the future? Does tarot can help you in decision making? What healing methods Annabella can suggest to feel better?

Answers on all above you can find out tomorrow from 12pm sharp on Alive 90.5 FM on “Business Insights with Mario” and super amazing radio producer with me in studio Darryn Capes-Davis

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Belle is Annabelle van den Hout BIO

Her healing journey begin with her beloved mothers failing health, finding her gift in massage and energy healing. Indeed, she regularly massaged her mother when she went into the nursing home: the longest living resident (at the time) due according to the nursing staff, to muscle stimulation, flexibility and continued genuine human touch.

Combining massage and reiki healing with a side of tarot consulting– the later allowing her clients to explore the complex themes that so often surface through the healing sessions – Belle’s treatment’s restore body, emotions mind, soul and spirit.

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