Interview with Andrew Riis

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Andrew Riis

Andrew is a 23 year-old leader and social entrepreneur that was born in Canada.

He grew up very shy, until a series of events when he finished high school led him to being more open minded and friendly.

This not only changed his life, introducing him to a series of people that would become his friends and mentors, but showed him the reality in Australia at the moment: people are often living lives of isolation and separation from one another.

This shocked him and he decided to make his life about fostering greater connection and community… Along the way, he was invited to India to speak alongside Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, has collaborated with world-famous Youtube Channel Yes Theory, and has even given his Uber driver a lift on a helicopter. Andrew runs a movement called Hello, Stranger, encouraging people to be 5% more friendly and open-minded…

He sells t-shirts with those two words on them which get strangers to smile more, and produces a series of digital content about the power and magic of simple hellos. He is most proud of the connections he has with the people around him, and the simple moments with others in his daily life, like meaningful conversations with strangers while he is surfing, or simple smiles while going for a walk.

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