Interview with Alexandra Egan

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Alexandra Egan

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Bio Alexandra Egan

Alexandra Egan – Founder/Owner Domino Effect Consulting – Supporting Leaders To Build their Communication Skills to Develop Their People

From managing a call center within the finance industry to managing thousands of prisoners in one of the state’s largest male-dominated prison to managing teams as front house leader for one of Australia’s largest Govt Departments.

Having worked in such high-pressure environments, where there was little or no room for error, Alexandra developed highly enviable innate skills in strategically negotiating and mediating extremely challenging situations.

The fact that she was faced with many challenging and at times life-threatening situations, has highlighted how critically important effective communication really is to be able to connect deeply with someone, earn their trust, and influence their decision.

With a passion for communication and an interest in developing people, Alexandra specialises in breaking down communication barriers, clearing out the blockages, and developing people. She has built a solid reputation as a straight shooter who gets results and the job done.

Alexandra brings a BS approach, consistency and commitment and she expects the same from her clients.

Her Mantra; ”I see potential in every human being I meet and truly believe that we are not fully formed, rather, we are all a work in progress.”

Author – Speaker – Certified Meta Practitioner – Behavioral Profiling

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