Interview with Sue Campbell-Ross

Life: The Battlefield
Life: The Battlefield
Interview with Sue Campbell-Ross

It was true privilege to interview our guest Sue Campbell-Ross and learn how she and her enterprise assist young people with disability.Sue Campbell-Ross is the co-founder and co-CEO of youth disability provider, Able2.

Together with her husband, Rod, Sue started Able2 in January 2019 as a not-for-profit social enterprise providing support to people with disability. Able2 has grown from a start up into a dynamic and growing organisation employing over 60 staff in two years.

With Sue in a CEO role, Able2 has had the freedom and flexibility to develop new, innovative models of disability service provision and ground-breaking models of employment. Sue is not only passionate about employing and empowering local people to build their skills, confidence and their careers, but also about building the capacity of people with disability. Sue loves her Blue Mountains community.

She started the Youth Shoebox Project, together with Jackie Mathers from the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group. The Youth Shoebox Project provides Christmas Shoeboxes to refugee and asylum seeker children and young people in Western Sydney donated by the Blue Mountains community.As a mother, friend, immigrant, CEO and community member, Sue brings a wealth of personal lived experience to her roles. Having left her homeland of South Africa in her twenties, she has gone on to live in different countries and has travelled extensively around the world with her husband and family. In 2002-03, she overcame her fear of the sea and sailed on a small yacht from England to Australia with Rod and their 3 children in yacht called Tintin.

All this experience, combined with a rich and rewarding professional career in counselling, has provided an ideal base from which to support and encourage others to embrace their lives and believe in themselves.Sue has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a post-graduate Diploma in Counselling.

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