2.06.2021 – Cr Bob Dwyer

2.06.2021 - Cr Bob Dwyer

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Councillor Bob Dwyer shares with Jim and Darryn the Parramatta Square Alliance, the collaboration between City of Parramatta and Macquarie University on digitising historic artefacts, and previews the Palliative Care Roundtable being hosted by Lord Mayor Dwyer on Friday 4th June.

‘Win-win partnership’ gives new life to Parramatta’s historical treasures

Parramatta artefacts dating back to the First Fleet are being digitised with 3D technology and showcased online as part of City of Parramatta Council’s new partnership with Macquarie University. From a rusted axe found at the site of two convict huts to a clay cup traced back to 1790, more than 30 items from the Parramatta […]

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