All Members of Alive 90.5 FM get access to Perkbox. If you are not a Member then Join Today!

What is Perbox?

  • An online platform (and app) that gives you access to over 120 exclusive perks and discounts
  • This includes (to name a few) national brands like:
            Woolworths, Coles, Caltex
            Doordash, Agoda, JB HIFI, Ikea
            Target, Jimmy Brings, Iconic
            and hundreds of your local Dining and Takeaway locations    
  • Click here from more general information about PERKBOX
  • The guide below is also available to download as a PDF.

How to use Perkbox (Desktop/Laptop)

Below is a walk through as to how to use Perkbox on a Desktop/Laptop.

If you need help with your Perkbox account login contact the Alive 90.5 FM Tech team as

1. Login

Go to If you get to Perkbox via Google you will need to enter our Domain to login. This is alive-905-fm. The Perkbox login page should look something like below. You can either use the Blue Button to Sign In with your Alive 90.5 FM Membership or use Email Address and Password. Which you use is a choice and determined when you accept the Perkbox invitation. If you are unsure you can try Forgot Password? and use the email address you have registered with Alive 90.5 FM.

2. Home Page

Your Perkbox Home Page will look similar to below. To get started with saving click Perks

3. Find Perks

Use the search tool found in the middle of the top of the page. Below is a search for Coles.

4. Review Perk, Favourite, Proceed to Get the Perk

When you find a Perk you can review details, Add to Favourites, and proceed to Get the Perk. Below is a view of the Coles Perk which has been set as a Favourite. Favourite Perks appear on he Park Dasboard.

5. Get the Park

Different Perks will have different process. For Digital Vouchers like Coles, you can set the voucher amount, and the voucher will be delivered as a Digital Gift Card you can print to use, or access from Perkbox App. Below is a view of a $200 Digital Gift Card selected which will cost $190 – 5% OFF!

6. Pay and Use

Payment is easy with a credit card which can be stored for future easy use. For Digital Gift Cards they are stored in your Perkbox and delivered by email. Check the use conditions. For Coles and other retailers, you can keep using the Digital Gift Card until it’s used up. If you are unsure how to use your Digital Gift Card then check at the store and they shuld be able to help.

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