Parramatta CBD To Become The Centre of Global Sydney

Written by on 30 July 2020

The City of Parramatta is looking to solidify its position as the heart of Australia’s most globalised city, with a plan to add 50,000 new jobs and 14,000 additional dwellings that will transform the city skyline.

Described as “a significant milestone and an exciting next step in the transformation of Parramatta as Sydney’s Central River City,” by Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer, the recently endorsed proposal plans to unlock Parramatta’s CBD and strengthen its position in Sydney.

“Council initiated this game-changing proposal to help us realise our vision for the Parramatta CBD – an economic leader with a thriving commercial centre that attracts world-class businesses and offers incredible lifestyle opportunities for residents.”

With plans to expand the CBD’s boundaries, the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal will make big changes to land use controls to increase capacity for commercial opportunities and high-density residential development.

The biggest change will allow for skyscrapers that reach up to 243 metres tall, or at the aircraft safety surface limit. Something that Liberal councilor Benjamin Barrak said would make Parramatta a “laughing stock,” like Chatswood.

“In other words do we want to turn into one of the mega metropolises out there such as Chatswood, for example, where there’s a lot of high-rise buildings which are predominantly residential in nature?”

“The CBD should be reserved as a mega core for actual business for the creating of employment.”

But according to Planning Minister Rob Stokes, “almost two million square metres of new commercial floorspace,” will be added, in a proposal that “will shape the Parramatta CBD for generations to come,” said Mr Stokes.

Set to be supported by a revitalised night-time economy and open public spaces, the proposal will help Parramatta “capitalise on the unprecedented levels of interest and investment… and cement its place at the centre of global Sydney,” said Cr Dwyer.

The proposal also restricts building heights around vital public open space to protect sites such as Parramatta Square, the Parramatta River foreshore, historic Lancer Barracks and Jubilee Park from being overshadowing.

“We look forward to sharing these City-shaping plans with the community and seeking their feedback during the public exhibition period.”

Key aspects of the proposal include:

  • Expanding the CBD’s commercial core and introducing incentives for new commercial floor space;
  • Increasing height controls to accommodate taller, slender towers so sunlight and air can reach the streets and public spaces below;
  • Ensuring new development includes community infrastructure to support growth;
  • Protecting key public spaces, including Parramatta Square and the river foreshore, from overshadowing;
  • Introducing new controls that ensure a development demonstrates an appropriate relationship to the City’s heritage;
  • Introducing controls to ensure a development’s ground floor better connects with its surrounds, including the Civic Link and river foreshore;
  • New controls to better manage flood risk, including evacuation and emergency response;
  • New provisions that ensure new buildings perform to high environmental standards; and
  • New parking and road widening provisions to facilitate improved traffic management and active transport.

Thousands of new jobs, homes in Parramatta CBD revitalisation | City of Parramatta

A plan to unlock Parramatta’s CBD and strengthen its position as Sydney’s Central River City has been endorsed by the NSW Government for public exhibition.

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