New Show: Big Stu’s Country Universe

Written by on 5 April 2018

During tonight’s edition, number 200, of Planet Country – Big Stu & MJ announced that the show will be relocating to a different station to take up a new time slot.

The move allows MJ to focus on his studies at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), attending classes on Thursday nights when Planet Country would normally air.

Thankfully they both plan to remain as members of Alive 90.5 and continue to contribute and support their local radio station.

MJ will continue on as our Social Media Manager and Big Stu will be launching a brand new spin-off program in the original time slot.

From next Thursday, Big Stu will be bringing you “Big Stu’s Country Universe”.

Like Planet Country, Country Universe will exclusively play New Country. Country Universe will differ from its predecessor in that Big Stu aims to focus on industry news and gossip as well as discovering new and emerging artists.

AFTRS vs Planet Country

In late February, MJ begun studying the Advanced Diploma of Radio Essentials at AFTRS. Unfortunately MJ had a class every second Thursday and for the past month, Big Stu & MJ had been pre-recording every second Planet Country.

Knowing the show would never be the same with MJ missing once a fortnight, the hosts begun exploring alternative options. Eventually a friend and former Alive presenter came through:

“Former Drive on Alive presenter Maz, reached out to us with the news that a there was a spare time slot following her Monday Drive shift on the Blacktown community station. The station’s studios are the closest for us to travel to and the Monday time slot fits in with our work and study schedules.”

MJ explaining how the relocation came to be

Alive 90.5 is excited to have Big Stu & MJ remain at the station and look forward to what Country Universe brings to our listeners. We wish them all the best for the future of Planet Country.

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