Rajesh Batra / Presenter

Rajesh Batra shows

The show kicks off with Bollywood hits (7:00pm), covering the latest releases and most trending artists. This is followed by a listener-driven segment, titled “Yeh Hai Sydney Meri Jaan” (8:00pm).

The segment is flooded with audience requests and messages, and offers Rajesh an opportunity to connect deeply with the community he has harvested over the better part of two decades.

The show then turns to its most popular segment; “Hit They, Hit Rahenge” at 8:30pm, a Bollywood retro segment that creates a sense of nostalgia for his most loyal listener base. Finally, the show closes with a theme-based segment “Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai ” of old and new tracks.

The theme, chosen weekly by Rajesh, is a novel way to keep the show interesting and to keep audiences guessing. The buzz and intrigue created is second to none!

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