Matt ‘MJ’ Brokenbrough / Chair of Digital Content Committee

Matt ‘MJ’ Brokenbrough shows

Thursday Drive

MJ & Jerome alternate each week to bring you Thursday Drive

About Me

Hey it’s Matt Brokenbrough here but I’m better known by my radio nickname, MJ. I’m the co-host of an award winning country music program that used to air right here on Alive before my radio studies got in the way. Now I present Thursday Drive every 2nd week with Uni classes on the other Thursday.

My background in media begun in high school when I was a volunteer news and opinion writer for The Sporting Journal and later a reporter and consultant for American automotive website, GM Authority. Following high school, I teamed up with my Dad to launch a modern, crossover country music program. We were unlike anything else in Australian media as we only played country-rock and country-pop. The show’s popularity and recognition grew rapidly which lead to a desire to seek a career in radio.

In 2018 I studied the Advanced Diploma of Radio Essentials at the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School and in 2019 I will return to study the Graduate Diploma of Radio.

In my spare time I run my own internet radio station and do casual work as an audio producer.

Thursday Drive, 4pm to 6pm

Once a fortnight MJ will be behind the mic here on Alive 90.5, presenting Thursday Drive. Tune in to get the latest trending stories from twitter, what international day you were supposed to be celebrating, tonight’s TV guide and more alongside your favourite hits from the ’80s to Now.

Board Member

As my first course at AFTRS begun to wrap up, I decided I wanted to improve the station that helped start my foray into radio. Through my studies and training at another community station, I believed I had expertise to offer as a board member. In August 2018, my peirs recognised my skills and desire by electing me on to the board for 2018-2019. As a board member, I have taken on the responsibility of the programming and introduction of brand new playout software as well as continuing on as the chair of our Digital Content Committee.

Digital Content Committee

In July 2018 I was the founder and inaugural chair of Alive’s Digital Content Committee. Originally I was the Social Media Manager for the station’s Facebook page. Working with presenters to improve their content production skills and expand the page’s following through my own content production. In early 2018, a number of new members at the station put their hand up to assist and so I proposed to the chair of the board that we form a new committee. As the chair of the DCC, I’ve lead the station in the launch of our Instagram profile, written a policy document for account admins and written a manual and style guide for content producers to follow. I also lead the committee in a complete rebuild of the station’s website, to the site you are viewing today.


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