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Mixing Gospel, Smooth Jazz, RnB, funk & old school

Gillian Schrickker joined Alive 90.5 16 years ago at then called Cumberland Community Radio.  Firstly, in an informal way helping with a program then joined another, filling in, and later took over a program naming it Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope started out as a Christian program, aimed at sharing the Good News with others playing Gospel Music styles, and later adding Smooth Jazz, RNB, Funk and Old School to a greater listening audience.

With a heart for community and volunteering within other community organisations, she joined the board as Treasurer in 2013 and held the position for 4 years.  With changes and the departure of board members she decided to stand for the Chair position in 2017 and got voted in by a majority vote.  Gillian had also served on the programming committee for 3 consecutive years.  Over the past 2 years as Chair, Gillian has been able to bring together presenters and members in a friendly way, managing in an inclusive manner, allowing change to occur and promoting a cohesive working environment.  She served the station in various ways and will continue to do so and work to increase the awareness of Alive 90.5 in the three communities we serve.   Gillian really appreciates the opportunity to present her program each week and is thankful for all the efforts of those who keep the station running.

By moving into position with a Team that has been together for the past year is very encouraging and gives me great joy to know that we can complete all the tasks we set out to do.  Each one has a skill required to take Alive 90.5 forward into the next year.

Gillian was Chair of the Alive 90.5 FM Board from October 2017 to March 2021.

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