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Graham is very active within the community, especially amongst dads in the hills. He came up with the idea of exposing the 7,000 strong Hills District Dads Facebook community on radio, to which the “HDD Radio Show” was born.

Graham started his journey working within the community after family separation 18 years ago. At the time there was not a lot of support mechanisms for single parents moving away from violence, and in his case nothing for dad’s. Today in the Hills, Paramatta and Cumberland Council’s, there is still no support.
Graham has helped people navigate the impossible world of the Family Law Courts, Children Access road blocks and Separation challenges. He has petitioned State and Federal Parliaments, and worked tirelessly representing community members in front of all levels of politics.
In the 2019 Australian Federal Election, Graham McFarland self funded himself to run as a candidate, not affiliated to any major parties.
During his 8 month campaign, Graham walked 256km’s, walking the streets of the Greenway Electorate. You would see him at the local shopping centres, railway stations and every day at Pre Poll

If you have had a family member fall on hard times after family separation, he would be someone you may call to navigate separation, and finding a new home.Grahams network focuses on connecting individuals with community support, help furnishing their new home. This community finds resources to supply essentials items, removing the financial burden of resettling again.
In 2020 alone, Family Crisis Support helped 230 families in North West Sydney.

Graham for the last few years has also been mentoring mentally disabled men, helping them manage a valued sustainable independent life.


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