Dean Squire

I’m British by birth and Australian by choice. My family made the trip down under in 2012, one of the best things we’ve ever done. It meant starting anew leaving my job as a Radio and Television Journalist with the BBC after 28 years with Aunty.  As I left, my Dad, even with all those years under my belt as a broadcaster, said it might now be time to get a proper job Son!

Well I suspect he’s still disappointed as I just can’t kick Journalism. I teach the subject to undergraduates and ply the trade in the RAAF. Following a move from Queensland it was my good fortune as a broadcasting junkie to find Alive 90.5 on my doorstep. Its great fun and allows me to try an entertain a bit for a couple of hours each week on my Wednesday Morning Programme.

My Wife says she is a massive fan of me back on the airwaves for two reasons. Firstly she knows where I am and secondly with her finger on the dial she can turn me off in a heartbeat.

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