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Darryn is a Board member, Presenter/Producer and IT Manager at Alive 90.5 FM. Darryn is Producer and Presenter with Mario Bekes on Business Insights with Mario, and also Producer and Presenter on Spotlight with Dr Jim Taggart OAM.

Darryn joined Alive 90.5 FM in 2018 and late in the year was appointed to the Board to fill a casual vacancy. Darryn was been instrumental in reviving the Alive 90.5 FM website project organising all the backend upgrades making it possible for the Content Team to finalise the new website that was stalled for many months. Since then Darryn has provided IT support for the station, upgrading many backend systems including a full domain and file server fresh.

“I am very proud that the 2 major ‘Go Lives’ that I have managed went through without hitches. The new website ‘Go Live’ was a 5 minutes task with no downtime while the Domain and File Server refresh ‘Go Live’ was completed in 3 hours with full programming continuing” says Darryn.

Darryn will be a vital member of the new Alive 90.5 FM Board team, allowing for further IT efficiencies supporting the strategic priorities of Alive 90.5 FM.

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