Brad Stevens

To know the Show you got to know the person …

So who is BRAD Stevens : well, to start off – he believes he is the selfie KING, while talking to him you may also think he is the Sri Lankan ambassador/ high commissioners –for the record he is NOT,  Loves the outdoors and a firm believer of making the best of what you got & living life to the fullest  – he is a dad & loves his wife ( we had to add that last part as per the strict instructions he has received)
Anyway …so what will Brad Stevens bring to Alive 90.5 –

A Radio show with a real difference that covers everything you want! From all your local community headlines to events you don’t want to miss out on, local & global if it matters – Brad will keep you informed. The show would also give you a favour of Sri Lanka (that’s Brad’s background) – So, its like your one stop shop for the best radio experience – info-tainment with the best tunes ! Remember to tune into The Brad Stevens Show Every Sunday Evenings 5-7pm  right here on Alive 90.5 & share this info with all your friends

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