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Street Address: 52 Parramatta Road
Forest Lodge NSW 2037
Telephone: 8586 3555
CEO: Brian Seidler



The Master Builders Association of NSW (Master Builders) is the leading building and construction industry association across the state. A not for profit organisation, buy it is chartered with representing and furthering the interests of the building and construction industry.

Master Builders provides representation and services to members and the industry in key areas such as industrial relations, sale  workplace health and safety, legal and contracts, training and government regulation/legislation.

Master Builders also seeks to develop alliances with key organisations to provide members with direct commercial benefits.

Master Builders was established in 1873, making it the oldest employer association in Australia. With nearly 8000 members in NSW and ten regional offices throughout the state, Master Builders is the only industry body that represents all sectors within the building and construction industry.

Master Builders NSW Mission Statement

To promote the interest of the building and construction industries and protect the rights of
MBA NSW members”