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Street Address: Suite 2.23/29-31 Lexington Drive

Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Telephone: 02 8882 9837
CEO: Mario Bekes

Insight Intelligence Group is a Preferred Investigations Firm for some of Australia’s leading Brokers, Solicitors and Rehab Providers of large multinationals and emerging companies. We are focused on providing a holistic approach in cost, quality and timeliness for our employers and Insurers needs nationally and partnering with them in achieving the correct outcomes on claims with our attention to detail and customer centric approach.

Insight Intelligence Group will engage with you for any form of investigation you require. We work with you to ensure the success of the investigation. Our proactive investigation plan and professional team drive results for you and your team.

Factual Investigations

Our team understand the requirements for a factual investigation. Our clear and concise reports outline all of the factual evidence obtained throughout a case. We do not make opinions and base our conclusion only on the evidence to hand to ensure you can make a decision on your case.

Surveillance Investigations

Our proactive approach to ensuring we engage with you on day 1 of surveillance. We ensure all of the right information is to hand prior to commencing surveillance. Our operatives only use state of the art equipment and are strategies in surveillance produce results.

Counter Surveillance

In today’s world regardless if you are high positioned business person, politician or ordinary person all of you can be subject of surveillance by your business partner, competitor, or your family members. Reality is that most of us don’t know if any form of surveillance is performed on us. Counter Surveillance is measure undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance and electronic eavesdropping.


Background Checks

Whether this is for employees or for Claims purposes, our background checks are tailored to your needs. Talk to us today about the outcome you require and we will be happy to complete this for you.

Fraud and Theft in the Workplace

Fraud is a reality and can affect any workplace, business or corporation in one shape or form. The difference is how your organisation will react to such event. Most fraud is discovered after the loss or damage occurs to the organisation. Being reactive to fraud and theft within the work place could cost your organisation not only financially but can have a reputational effect if your clients learn that you have fraudster within your work place.

Fraud can be prevented through policies and procedures however your organisation will need help to investigate fraud within the work place. Insight Intelligence Group can assist you by investigating the fraudulent matter and potentially recommending specified training to your staff in preventing fraud and theft within the work place. Let Insight Intelligence Group help you be proactive rather reactive, in investigations, training and recommendations.


Forensic Data Recovery

Have you or your organisation lost intellectual property data or any form of business intelligence data due to human or technical error? Have you been suspicious that your intellectual property or business intelligence data is being deliberately and purposely deleted from your hard drive? Do you want your intellectual property and business intelligence data back? Do you want to know who has been perpetrating these atrocities against you?

Then look no further!! Call us today.

Workplace Investigations

Fraudulent conduct and activities breeds in an environment where systems, standards and procedures are open to exploitation by staff, contractors or clients. It is in the best interest of the decision-making person in your organisation that asset protection must be visible and unambiguous to staff, contractors or clients. Fraud and corruption can destroy an organisations reputation on the market; make an investor feel insecure and their confidence in organisation can be shaken. The impact of fraud upon any organisation can be devastating.


Do you have gaps when it comes to internal investigations within your workplace. Do you need to upskill your staff? Insight Intelligence Group offers tailored training for Questioning techniques and process, profiling of a Claimant and Surveillance techniques. Call us today for more information.