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Thursday, 6-7pm

Forget everything you thought you knew about country music. Times have changed, and so has country. Now, there is a radio show dedicated to bringing listeners the latest ‘new country’ music, from Americas biggest superstars and our own Australian artists.

It’s modern. It’s loud. It’s electric. It’s ‘Music Like You’ve Never Heard’.

The show features modern ’new country’ music (contemporary country cross over with pop, rock, rap, etc), and provides a little background to songs and artists. Regular segments include the Song of the Week, and an irreverent look at the Social Media News. Local artists also feature and some appear live in the studio. Gig, festival and tour information is relayed to listeners as well as competitions to win CD’s and tickets to shows.
It’s not all serious though, with some light hearted banter and listener feedback providing a counterpoint to the music.


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