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Here is a list of presenters and programs playing Presenters’ Choice music:

Charles Agius - Juicy Music

Friday, 9am-12pm A great way to finish the working week is to listen to “Juicy Music" with Charles Agius. Charles brings you a great mix of classic hits, together with some of the latest popular tracks, that you’re sure to enjoy. A popular…

Frank Dengate - Blues Circus

Tuesday, 6-8pm Frank Dengate’s Blues Circus offers a wide variety of music in a number of styles under the Blues and Roots banner. You'll hear: Early Blues Forms from the 30s. A strong presence from Chicago Blues Greats in the 40s and 50s,…

Fred Dyer - Shaken Not Stirred

Monday, 12-2pm Shaken Not Stirred presents the softer side of pop songs...not too heavy...not too light. Fred has had a life-long fascination with radio ever since getting a crystal set in the late 1950s. He now has a cherished library of…

Gillian Schrickker - Kaleidoscope & The HeadNines

Sunday, 7-9am Kaleidoscope brings you a “tube-like" mix of Urban Gospel, Smooth Jazz, RNB, Funk and Old School that you can enjoy to start your week. With such a variety of music…its like a changing and enjoyable mixture of sounds…taking on…

Graham Johnson: Early AM Attitude & Night Moves

Graham Johnson: Early AM Attitude Saturdays 6am to 8am Every Saturday morning at 6am Graham Johnson presents the “Early A.M. Attitude program”. The program has been on air continually since March 1996 and gets its name from a track by…

Grahame Davidson - The Soul Train

    Tuesday, 8-9pm Join Grahame Davidson as he takes you to the Deep South for a journey on The Soul Train. You'll hear Southern & Blues rock mixed with mainstream Soul, R&B, Funk and Jazz rock sounds. Because Soul has…

John Robb, Lord Pig and The King - Rock N Roll Smorgasbord

Monday, 6-9pm Rock N Roll Smorgasbord features a wide variety of music, focusing on new and unsigned talent mixed, in with well-known artists. The boys are proud of the fact, that in this digital day and age, every program they present is 75%…

Kerima-Gae - Jukebox Jive

Friday, 9pm-midnight Remember those "Happy Days" when you sat on those comfy seats in the milk bar with your best friends - listening to all the fabulous music coming from the jukebox? Why not re-live those days all over again? Jukebox…

Larry Price - Bassikly Grooving

Sunday, 11AM-2PM Bassikly Grooving features a blend of Modern Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Latin, Soul, Funk and Fusion. Presenter, Larry Price, is a professional Bass player with over 40 years experience, and tries to make sure that each track…

Major Tom and friends - Radio Bandila

Wednesday, 9pm-midnight Australian Filipino presenters Datuk Joseph, Major Tom and Sheila Raptis bring you cool, informative and relaxing listening on Radio Bandila. You'll hear the best Original Pilipino Music (OPM), fusions of jazz, country,…

Elaine and Paul Vaai
Paul and Elaine Vaai - Australian Echo for the Forgotten Samoans

Sunday, 5-7pm Your hosts, Paul and Elaine Vaai, present great traditional Samoan music together with the latest news from Samoa, New Zealand and many other parts of the world. They also broadcast entirely in the Samoan language. Australian…

Paul Savrimoutou - Sunday Brunch

Sunday, 9-11AM Sunday Brunch all started with Ian Maurice, followed by Nina Harris and Debra Dicembre. Over the years, the music changed a little, but the emphasis was always on good, relaxing music. Paul Savrimoutou now brings his own style to…

Rajiv Chaudhri – Technology Talk

Wednesday, 12-2pm On Technology Talk, Rajiv talks to professionals and business executives from various industries to identify and share how technology increases productivity. Rajiv then advises them on how to better deploy technology to work…

Tracy Steyn
Tracy Steyn - Thank God It's Friday

Friday, 7-9pm Thank God It's Friday is the only radio show in Australia that is fully committed to promoting black gospel music. For more than 15 years Alive 90.5 listeners have been switching on every Friday night to the mellifluous tones of…